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    Muy centrada en un personaje, no me gustó la trama y algunos personajes muy planos. mp3


    Me encantó porque es una historia que empodera a las mujeres, fácil de leer y que me ha emocionado.


    mp3 Atrapa de inicio, pero conforme avanza se vuelve predecible y no sorprende el final, que queda flojo.


    The Treasured ebooks by Kathleen Fuller takes us to Birch Creek, Ohio. Lucy Fisher has traveled to Birch Creek to assist Cevilla Schlabach while she recovers from a sprained ankle. Lucy is surprised when she is picked up at the bus station by Shane Broyles who is staying with Noah Schlabach and his wife, Ivy. Lucy and her father had helped Shane renovate a home in Iowa. Lucy carries the miniature Bible that Shane gave her and has been careful not to reveal to Shane how much she cares for him. Shane is considering joining the Amish faith and is using his time in Birch Creek to decide. Cevilla wants Lucy to use her time in Birch Creek to build a life for herself and away from her parents. Shane and Lucy spend time together and are becoming closer. Then Shane’s ex-fiancé arrives in town and wants him back.


    Par contre, je n\'ai pas du tout accroché son interminable errance avec son attaché humanitaire dans l\'Atlas. mp3

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